Free Online Hadoop Training by Cloudera

Update: Some of the links are no longer valid. Clicking those takes you to the Cloudera videos page

I was looking for some online training on Hadoop. Turns out Cloudera has some excellent training available online, and best of all it is free.

I decided to create a list of all the training material with the time required to go through each one for easy reference

Training Type Time
Introduction to HBase Video 15 min
Download and setup training VM VMWare VM ~
Thinking at Scale Video 23 min
MapReduce and HDFS Video 50 min
Getting Started with Hadoop PDF, exercises 30 min
Hadoop Ecosystem Tour Video 20 min
Programming with Hadoop Video 50 min
MapReduce Algorithms Video 35 min
Writing MapReduce Programs PDF, exercises 90 min
Introduction to Hive Video 50 min
Hive Tutorial Video 16 min
Introduction to Pig Video 50 min
Pig Tutorial Video 15 min

So far I have gone through the first couple of videos and set up the VM. The videos are really good. Hopefully, they will offer more of their training online (free, or paid) or start to offer it more frequently in Europe.


  1. Good news… we are currently in the process of updating (and adding to) our free online content, and will be shortly scheduling more courses globally. Keep a look out on for forthcoming announcements.

  2. I downloaded & set up the the training VM & everything works, it seems, but there isn’t obvious assistance of what to do next. Are there up to date instructions for using the VM?

  3. Obviously free online training is no more available and these short videos are good fillers but nowhere near full days trainings.

  4. Hi ,
    I need some suggestions here , since 4 years i have been working as java developer now i am so intrested to move apache hadoop development side .
    Please let me know how to start and where to start ?

  5. hi, Greetings for the day,

    I don’t have good programming knowledge, but i have a few years of experience on Teradata as a developer. I want to switch into hadoop and continue in this stream. to learn and to work on this hadoop do we need java knowledge. Please provide me some suggestions.

  6. iam srikanth pendiyala completed my M.Tech from JNTUH university INDIA. iam very much interested in learning hadoop course and try to establish cloud environment to develop cloud computing application.

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