Are you smart enough to quit your job?

Thanks to Erik’s Linkblog, I came across one of the best blog posts I have read recently.

Paul Tyma, a senior engineer at Google, talks about Software Engineering interviews. Something he said, really struck a chord with me –

if you are the smartest person at where you work – QUIT

I came across the same idea while reading Paul Graham some time ago. He mentions the talk You and Your Research by Richard Hamming. In Paul Graham’s words, ask yourself these three questions –

  1. What are the most important problems in your field?
  2. Are you working on one of them?
  3. Why not?

These are the questions that can change your life.

I have been thinking about switching to a four day work week, so I can spend at least a couple of days a week working on more challenging and interesting problems. And today, I feel I am ready to make that move.

I see happier times ahead :)


  1. hey man, yeah i am also at that breaking point where i’m ready to quit my day job. good to see people of a similar attitude. there is so much that i can do that i’m not doing.

  2. Hey Charles. Thanks for stopping by.
    You know, I came across an interesting tidbit today – Steve Wozniak almost did not start Apple, because he wanted to continue working as an HP engineer. Imagine that!
    Good luck with whatever You decide to do.

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