Bloglines – claiming your blog feed

Bloglines allows you to claim the feed for your blog. Verifying a claim requires adding two Bloglines provided keys to your blog, one in a post, and the other one in the template of your blog.

Adding a key to a blog post is easy enough, but the free account does not allow you to edit your template. No problem…just add a text widget to your blog and add the second key there.

BTW, when adding the first key in a blog post, I was only able to get it to work by including it using the code tags.

(Suggested by Jack Whitsitt, via WordPress forums. Thanks, Jack.)


  1. Hey :)
    I’m having an issue verifying my feeds, which code tags are you referring to that I need to include in my post?

  2. Hi,

    Go to your Bloglines home page, click on Account link on top-right; on the next page shown, click on publisher tools, and then click the Begin Claim button. That should get you the code tags that you need to include in a post.


  3. Er..I see that you were not actually asking about how to claim it from bloglines… the code tags I mentioned will be <code></code>, also available using the code button on the WordPress ‘Write Post’ page. HTH.

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