Friendster hacked

(or how to use Firefox web developer to impress your wife :) )

Looks like Friendster is suffering from some kind of CSS attack.
So, if your Friendster profile page is showing up a blank page, go to this link – Friendster Hacked and follow the instructions there to fix it.

Now on to how Chris Pederick’s Web developer made me look like a hero (at least in my wife’s eyes) :) :-

Wifey comes home and tells me her Friendster site is not working. Being the good samaritan that I am, I immediately open up my browser to have a look. The page shows up all blank, so of course the first thing I do is View – Source.
All the page data is there in the source, it just isn’t showing up.
Hmmm…time to download and install Web Develoer and Firebug in her browser. That done the following few steps led to resolution of the problem :-

Using Web Developer extension –
1. Try Disable -> Javascript – no effect
2. Try CSS -> Disable Styles -> All Styles – Cool! The page shows up without all styles; time to narrow it down
3. Try CSS -> Disable Styles -> Embedded Styles – The page shows up
(CSS -> Disable Styles -> Inline Styles has no effect, so the problem is in an embedded style)
4. Do CSS -> View CSS – All the different styles are listed in a new tab. Luckily there are only two embedded styles, and one of them immediately seems like the problem –

Embedded Styles from
body {background-color:#ffffff;
.commonbox h2 {background-color:transparent; color:#ffffff}
.commonbox {border-color:transparent}


Back to View – Source, and a search for div{display:none} brings up the offending code –
Friendster code

Ha! I actually LOL when I saw this.
It was easy to fix this after getting so far. Go to the Profile page, bring up the edit box for the shout out. For my wife’s account, it came up as this –
Remove, reset and save, and the profile was back to the way it was.

After fixing it, I google for friendster hacked, and one of the first few links is the one mentioned above.
Darn! Could just have googled first, but then I would have missed out on having all this fun, and my wife wouldn’t have been as impressed he he.

BTW, anybody at Friendster looking for an exceptional software developer? 😉

P.S. If you use Firefox, go get the web developer extension. It is priceless for the web developers and the power users alike.