Freakonomics and Undercover Economist

I find my reading habits go through cycles.
Last year it was a lot of SF. This year, until now, it has been mostly non fiction on a variety of topics.
The next up, I think, will be a lot of technical reading, but only after I finish reading all the fantasy novels in my stack of already bought books –


It was fun reading Freakonomics and Undercover Economist. I would definitely be recommending these to friends.

Freakonomics is the first book on economics that I have read in a long time.
A good read overall, but I found it getting boring at times. One reason is that the topics covered are a bit far away from everyday life in Malaysia. Also, the author often spends too much time describing the methods used and figures collected during his research.

The Undercover Economist, on the other hand, is a much more fun and lighter read. The case studies are shorter, and they are the kind of things you come across every day.
And, I am no longer embarrassed buying the cheapest drink on Starbucks menu.
Why should I, now that I understand differential pricing 😉