Some programming blog recommendations

First one up is Brian Oxley’s blog, which I have been reading for a while now. He writes only occasionally, but almost all his posts have solid, relevant content. Exactly the kind of technical blog I like to read.

Chris Ashton is the newest entry on my blogroll, informative and entertaining.
He mostly uses C++ C# when talking about programming, but all the posts I read were programming language neutral.
Here’s something from his post on brainstorming that made me laugh out –

Today I’m able to articulate exactly what bugged me about that meeting, namely: there were no customers in that room. Or outside of it, for that matter. All we had was a bunch of devs pulling shit out of their asses and trying to pretend that someday, somewhere a customer might want to have this hypothetical product with all these features, even so much as to pay real money for it. We had this illusion that we were super creative geniuses and coming up with all these new ideas, but really we were just wanking. Hell, the ideas weren’t all that novel anyways.

Spot on, mate.

And finally, recently rediscovered thanks to Brian, is Ivan Moore’s Programming in the small series. Short sweet nuggets of programming wisdom. Check it out!